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Maho Beach–St. Maarten

Last month, Emily and I had to get out of Minnesota.  After enduring months and months of cold, we hopped on an airplane to Fort Lauderdale and went on a cruise.  We visited a bunch of fun islands and had a great time.  For me, however, visiting Maho Beach in St. Maarten might have been […]


Cinque Terre Italy – Vernazza – Travel Photography

Have really been wanting to post more photos from Italy…but it’s just been too crazy busy lately. However, I could not go without blogging about place.  It’s been 3 months already since we were in Italy, but better late than never.  Well…If Cinque Terre is like heaven…I’ll be fine going there.  Cinque Terre consists of […]


Florence (Firenze) Italy – Travel Photography

This is the third Italy post!  Still many to come!  Florence or Firenze is such a beautiful city! The shopping is great and so is the Gelato! While in Florence, we stayed at a Monastery turned Hostel – Foresteria Firenze.  It was a clean, quaint, and quite picturesque.  We enjoyed our time in Florence and […]


Venice Italy – Travel Photography

Since posting the images from Burano, many have emailed and asked about when I’ll be posting the other photos.  I will try to post a new Italy post each week.  I still have 3 more cities to post and other various Italy posts, but for now, here is the beautiful Venice.  Venice is unlike anything […]

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