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Have really been wanting to post more photos from Italy…but it’s just been too crazy busy lately. However, I could not go without blogging about place.  It’s been 3 months already since we were in Italy, but better late than never.  Well…If Cinque Terre is like heaven…I’ll be fine going there.  Cinque Terre consists of 5 little towns that are built into the cliffs bordering the Ligurian Sea.  This place is nothing but beautiful.  A trip to Cinque Terre is like taking a time machine back 50 years.  Old ladies spending the day on a bench watching people pass, clotheslines draped across the narrow streets, and rustic architecture.  There are virtually no cars and very few bikes in this area.  Travel to the 5 towns requires you hike or a take a train.

Em and I spent two days in Cinque Terre just hiking and absorbing the natural beauty found there.  Although we did visit all 5 towns, we still wished we would have had one more day there.  It was amazing!  We stayed in Vernazza…it was like a dream.


This was our place…we stayed in a hostel.  The image to the right was the dark stairway up to our place…awesome! 

Cinque-Terre-Italy-1 Climbing a million stairs is part of the charm of Cinque TerreCinque-Terre-Italy-2 Cinque-Terre-Italy-3 Cinque-Terre-Italy-4 This is Vernazza!Cinque-Terre-Italy-5 The first day we took the long, rigorous hike into Monterosso! It was gorgeous, the only mistake we made was to hike back as well instead of taking the train back to Vernazza.Cinque-Terre-Italy-6 Cinque-Terre-Italy-7 Cinque-Terre-Italy-8 Cinque-Terre-Italy-9 Cinque-Terre-Italy-10 Cinque-Terre-Italy-11 Cinque-Terre-Italy-12 Cinque-Terre-Italy-13 Cinque-Terre-Italy-14 Cinque-Terre-Italy-15 Cinque-Terre-Italy-16 Cinque-Terre-Italy-17 Cinque-Terre-Italy-18 Cinque-Terre-Italy-19 Best Ravioli I ate in Italy!Cinque-Terre-Italy-20 During our first night in Cinque Terre, we both awoke about 4am to the smell of bread baking. Turns out, we sleeping just above a bakery in Vernazza.  It smelled like heaven…so for breakfast we ate fresh baked focaccia for breakfast.  Honestly, I don’t think I have ever tasted anything better in my life!Cinque-Terre-Italy-26 Cinque-Terre-Italy-27 We walked through the Tunnel of Love…it is a place where lovers once met up between the towns. Cinque-Terre-Italy-28 Cinque-Terre-Italy-29 Cinque-Terre-Italy-30 Cinque-Terre-Italy-31 Legend has it that if you bring a lock with your lover to this tunnel, you will stay together forever.  Could not believe how many locks there were.Cinque-Terre-Italy-32 Cinque-Terre-Italy-33 Cinque-Terre-Italy-34 Cinque-Terre-Italy-35 Cinque-Terre-Italy-36Cinque-Terre-Italy-37 This was the last I saw of Vernazza as we left early the next morning…Cinque-Terre-Italy-38

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