Maho Beach–St. Maarten

Last month, Emily and I had to get out of Minnesota.  After enduring months and months of cold, we hopped on an airplane to Fort Lauderdale and went on a cruise.  We visited a bunch of fun islands and had a great time.  For me, however, visiting Maho Beach in St. Maarten might have been the big highlight.  I have long wanted to visit this place and photograph this beach.  For those of you who are not familiar, Maho Beach Airport sits right (I mean literally) next to the beach.  We had planned to just spend an hour or so at Maho Beach, but we are completely entertained by the continual airplanes arriving.  We spent several hours watching.  Part of the fun was watching people’s reactions to the incoming planes.  We saw planes of all sizes land, but unfortunately, we were unable to stick around for one of the Jumbo 747 planes to land.  Nonetheless, I would love to go back and visit!

Maho-Beach-St-Maarten-Airplane-Maho-Beach-St-Maarten-Airplane--2Maho-Beach-St-Maarten-Airplane--3Maho-Beach-St-Maarten-Airplane--4Maho-Beach-St-Maarten-Airplane--5Maho-Beach-St-Maarten-Airplane--6Maho-Beach-St-Maarten-Airplane--7Maho-Beach-St-Maarten-Airplane--8Maho-Beach-St-Maarten-Airplane--9Maho-Beach-St-Maarten-Airplane--11Maho-Beach-St-Maarten-Airplane--12In other news…we are also expecting a baby boy on 8/23/2013!!!


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