Rochester, Minnesota based portrait and wedding photographer. Shooting people since 2008 ;)

I began John Sharpe Photography in 2008 as an outlet from my life in IT consulting. The son of a photographer, I never wanted to follow in dad’s shoes. Luckily, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. In 2010, I left my career to pursue my photography effort full-time. I have never looked back.


Rather than ramble on about my passion for the camera and loving photography...yada, yada, yada. Let me tell you who i am...

i run.

i cycle.

i workout religiously.

i am a family man.

i am a cookbook hoarder.

i cook from scratch almost 100% of the time.

i have three kids (1 girl, 2 boys)

i am a stay at home dad.

i speak russian.

i love to travel the world (especially with my wife).

i clean and i like it.

i hate clutter (but I still have some).

i am learning to love gardening.

i have an addiction to leather boots.

i moved to minnesota almost 13 years ago.

i am from utah.

i love to dress up for halloween with my family.

If my photos make you want to laugh, smile, or cry then I've done my job!