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Maho Beach–St. Maarten

Last month, Emily and I had to get out of Minnesota.  After enduring months and months of cold, we hopped on an airplane to Fort Lauderdale and went on a cruise.  We visited a bunch of fun islands and had a great time.  For me, however, visiting Maho Beach in St. Maarten might have been […]


Easter Weekend

Whoever thought dipping eggs in dye was a good idea obviously didn’t have a two year old 🙂  This past weekend, we introduced Eliza to the Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, and all that goes with it.  On Saturday, she enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt (in the snow) and dipped eggs.  Hard to believe last year’s […]


Happy Birthday Daughter!!!!

Happy Birthday Eliza!!! It’s hard to believe my sweet baby girl is two years old today!!!  Honestly, it feels just like yesterday we were celebrating her 1st Birthday Party!!!  At this time last year, she was just beginning to become mobile.  Now she walks, runs, jumps, and talks all the time.  She has even started […]


A New Website for the New Year

When the business launched in 2008, I created my own logo quickly using photoshop.  I assumed a logo needed to be in cursive because it looked “cool”.  I have an Information Systems degree and reasonable web programming knowledge, so I built my first site completely from scratch.  I thought my site just plain rocked 🙂  […]

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