Florence (Firenze) Italy – Travel Photography

This is the third Italy post!  Still many to come!  Florence or Firenze is such a beautiful city! The shopping is great and so is the Gelato! While in Florence, we stayed at a Monastery turned Hostel – Foresteria Firenze.  It was a clean, quaint, and quite picturesque.  We enjoyed our time in Florence and found it to be the city where we shopped the most.

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Taking photos in the mirror never get old.  The next four images are from our hostel.

Florence_Italy_Foresteria_Firenze Florence_Italy_Foresteria_Firenze Florence_Italy_Foresteria_FirenzeFlorence_Italy_Foresteria_FirenzeFlorence_Italy_Foresteria_FirenzeFlorence_Italy_Foresteria_Firenze My mouth is watering just thinking of these fresh made to order Panini’s Florence_Italy-Italian Panini Sandwich  Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography    Like I said earlier, self-portraits of us never get old 😉Florence_Italy-Shopping Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography Gelato…oh how I miss thee!Florence_Italy-Italian Gelato Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography Couldn’t take photos of the actual David at the Akademia, but here is an exact replica which stands in the center of FlorenceFlorence_Italy-Michaelangelo_David Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography_Golden_Door Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography Florence at sunset is quite a treat!  The following are photos of the famous Ponte Vecchio BridgeFlorence_Italy-16 Florence_Italy-17 Florence_Italy-18 Florence_Italy-19 The following photos are at or near the famous Duomo!Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography_Duomo Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography_Baptisterie Florence_Italy-22 Florence_Italy-23Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography_Duomo As a photographer, I always look for pockets of light…we found one! We think we are funny!Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography_Duomo Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography_Duomo Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography_Duomo Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography One of my favorite shots in FlorenceFlorence_Italy_Firenze_Photography Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography This photo below may be a close second as my favorite shot in FlorenceFlorence_Italy_Firenze_Photography Florence_Italy_Firenze_Photography

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