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Eliza– 1st Birthday!!!

One year ago today, my life changed forever when baby Eliza was born! My family grew from 2 to 3!  This past year has been a blur and I learned more about love than I ever thought possible. I cannot believe my baby girl is already a year old!!! Everyday I consider myself unbelievably lucky […]


Merry Christmas!!!

Thanks to all my wonderful clients this year! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!  


Eliza–Baby Hats

A couple months ago, my mom came to visit Eliza for a week.  During this time, my mother crocheted a bunch of cute hats for Eliza.  I finally got around to photographing her with them.  These might be some of my favorite Eliza photos so far.  Last night, I asked Emily, “Why is Eliza so […]


Happy Halloween!!!

Having a child has made me excited about all the holidays…especially Halloween.  I’m surprised I am so easily entertained and excited about dressing my daughter up in her ladybug costume.  There was an unusually warm evening a few weeks ago and we decided it was time for photos for Eliza.  I’m glad we got them […]

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