Zoe is Getting Demoted


It was back in June of 2008 that Emily and I thought about this blog post of “Zoe is getting demoted”.  As many of you know, Zoe is the princess in our house and gets every bit of our attention.  We always call her our “slug” and “ball of love”.  She knows perfectly how to be ridiculously cute and get us to hold her on our lap…All the time.

Now rewind back to Summer of 2008, Emily and I thought it would be fun to title a blog post as “Zoe is getting demoted” to announce that we were pregnant and that Zoe would soon be taking backseat for our attention.  Little did we know, it would take about 20 Negative pregnancy tests, a miscarriage, and a ton of heartache for this to come to pass.  So we are now so happy to announce that we are finally pregnant and are expecting a baby on February 17, 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are looking forward to this exciting time and we are so happy to finally announce that Zoe is officially being demoted!!!!!

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