Minneapolis Wedding Photographer – Uptown Engagement Session – Katie & Chris

Last week, I met up with Katie and Chris for an engagement session in Uptown.  I’ve been meaning to shoot there forever so when they asked my thoughts on shooting a session in Uptown, I quickly obliged.  I met with these two about their wedding photography a few weeks ago and loved hearing their story of how they met.  Chris and Katie’s versions of the story differ quite a bit, but the basis of the story of the story is that Chris and Katie got placed in a group for a project while in college at Marquette.  Katie described Chris as the loud, funny guy who eventually wore her down. They’ve been together ever since.

It was a ton of fun hanging out with these two and going to dinner after was the cherry on top. 

Thanks to you both and Katie…Happy Birthday!!!

Uptown-Engagement-Session-1 Uptown-Engagement-Session-2 Uptown-Engagement-Session-3 Uptown-Engagement-Session-4 Uptown-Engagement-Session-5 Uptown-Engagement-Session-6 Uptown-Engagement-Session-7 Uptown-Engagement-Session-8 Uptown-Engagement-Session-9 Uptown-Engagement-Session-10 Uptown-Engagement-Session-11 Uptown-Engagement-Session-12 Uptown-Engagement-Session-13 Uptown-Engagement-Session-14 Uptown-Engagement-Session-15 Uptown-Engagement-Session-16 Uptown-Engagement-Session-17 Uptown-Engagement-Session-18 Uptown-Engagement-Session-19 Uptown-Engagement-Session-20 Uptown-Engagement-Session-21 Uptown-Engagement-Session-22 Uptown-Engagement-Session-23 Uptown-Engagement-Session-24 Uptown-Engagement-Session-25

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Happy Birthday John