St Croix state park – 4th of july

These photos are a few weeks old.  For the 4th of July weekend, Emily and I went camping with some of our friends  to St Croix State Park.  This campground is amidst one of the most beautiful areas of Minnesota.  This trip has become a tradition for us and we had a blast.  Just posting these photos so I don’t forget how great of time we had.  Good friends, lots of junk food, and beautiful scenery…AMAZING!

Meet Zoe, she is our adorable Shih-Tzu.  This was her first time camping. As you can see, she is smiling from ear-to-ear.  JulyCamping-3This is my best impression of the model hair flip. I’m a lot hotter/sexier than I thought 🙂 Thanks Wifey for the great shot!

JulyCamping-62 JulyCamping-89 JulyCamping-111 This delicious morsel of goodness was beyond divine.  Simply put…take marshmallow, nutella, and peanut butter and stuff it in a banana and put it in the fire!!!  You won’t regret it.JulyCamping-123 Croquet was a trip highlightJulyCamping-138 Thomas’ victory danceJulyCamping-157 The Gang!JulyCamping-226Canoeing with Zoe and my hot wife JulyCamping-294Weird shot of the trip…Yes and I love it! JulyCamping-346-Edit JulyCamping-364 Playing around the campfire with some lighting…I’m such a nerd.JulyCamping-420 JulyCamping-429

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Curtis Family – Minneapolis Family Photographer