Curtis Family – Minneapolis Family Photographer

Allow me to introduce a super-cute family. I’m convinced these little girls have been soaked in cute juice all of their lives. They are stinkin’ cute. Honestly, if my kids are half this cute I will be one happy father. You may recognize the girls from a shoot I did a year or so ago. You can see that session here or you may remember them from our recent babysitting adventure, you can see that here The Curtis family are some of our dear friends. Sadly, they moved up North so Adam could start North Branch Dental. We are excited for their success. Needless to say, we miss having them around but it was a pleasure to photograph their family. If you’re looking for a great dentist, I suggest you give Dr. Curtis a call.


Above: Very first shot of the day. Notice the girls have not gone bonkers yet.

CurtisFamily-15 CurtisFamily-21 CurtisFamily-43 CurtisFamily-50 CurtisFamily-57 CurtisFamily-83 CurtisFamily-92

Above: Those eyes are to die for CurtisFamily-99

Above: Julia taking off…made for a great shot! CurtisFamily-100 CurtisFamily-119 CurtisFamily-122 CurtisFamily-139 CurtisFamily-152 CurtisFamily-206 CurtisFamily-221

Above: I asked Julia to smell the flowers, instead I got this shot.

CurtisFamily-248 CurtisFamily-273

FLAREGASM! CurtisFamily-276-Edit


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