Watch Her Grow–Part 6

I cannot believe we have just a couple weeks left till the baby comes.  It’s been exciting seeing Emily’s belly literally morph as the baby moves.  Emily have been the best prego mom-to-be, she has been working so hard lately, but still has the “motherly” glow about her (hopefully I captured that in the images below).

On a side note about this shoot: I have begun running out of locations to shoot in our home.  So for this shoot, I decided to convert our living room into a “studio”.  The living room looked ridiculous as I used reflectors to attached to our dining room chairs.  Typically when I arrange a shoot, I have a specific image that I want to capture.  In my head, I knew I wanted the exact image below.  Give my “studio” space, it took a bit of trial and error, but I got it! Minnesota-Maternity-Photographer (1)Minnesota-Maternity-Photographer (3)Minnesota-Maternity-Photographer (4)Minnesota-Maternity-Photographer (5)


Here is my “studio space”, pretty glamorous huh?  Someday….Minnesota-Maternity-Photographer (2)

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