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Watch her Grow–Part 5

I remember when we first found out Emily was pregnant and due February 17.  As a photographer, my firsts two thoughts were…”Crap” that is the week of WPPI (a big wedding photographer convention and my favorite week of the year) and “Shoot” how am I going to shoot Em’s maternity photos in the winter?  I remedied my first conflict of missing WPPI (sort of) by going to PPA Imaging USA in San Antonio and as for the second conflict, I have found every nook and cranny in our home to shoot Emily’s “Watch Her Grow” photos.   It’s been a challenge but it’s been a very rewarding project.  Emily’s maternity photos for 34 weeks may be my favorite images so far!  I blogged these images earlier this week using B&W film and a Hasselblad camera.  All images below were shot on my beloved 35mm Contax RTS II camera using some expired (2006) Kodak Portra 800.  I’m very very happy with the results.  The colors are quite vibrant, but I love it.  Shooting film has forced me to slow down and really critique my photos before clicking the shutter and of course I love that these images received no post processing!!!

34 Weeks (Em is smokin’ hot in these images, but I may be biased)Minnesota-Maternity-Photography (5)Minnesota-Maternity-Photography (6)Minnesota-Maternity-Photography (7)Minnesota-Maternity-Photography (8)Minnesota-Maternity-Photography (9)

35 WeeksMinnesota-Maternity-Photography (3)36 WeeksMinnesota-Maternity-Photography (2)

Minnesota-Maternity-Photography (1)

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