Ugly Christmas Sweater Party 2010

There’s something about Christmas and Ugly Sweater Parties that make me jump for joy! I was invited to Adam & Kyla’s 2nd annual Ugly Sweater Party.  Last year’s ugly Christmas Sweater party, I brought the photo booth and it was a blast.  That said, I had to bring my photo booth along for some fun photos for this party.  This year I was delighted to find a black fur collar for my ugly sweater. Not only was this sweater incredibly stylish, but also very comfortable.  Good times! Here are some of my favorites from the nightUgly-Sweater-Party (1)Ugly-Sweater-Party (2)Ugly-Sweater-Party (3)Ugly-Sweater-Party (4)Ugly-Sweater-Party (5)Ugly-Sweater-Party (6)Ugly-Sweater-Party (7)Ugly-Sweater-Party (8)Ugly-Sweater-Party (9)Ugly-Sweater-Party (10)Ugly-Sweater-Party (11)Ugly-Sweater-Party (12)Ugly-Sweater-Party (13)Ugly-Sweater-Party (14)Ugly-Sweater-Party (15)Ugly-Sweater-Party (16)Ugly-Sweater-Party (17)I’m always amazed at my range of talent when modeling.  I can do “cool”, I can do surprised.  Really my facial expressions are pretty endless .Ugly-Sweater-Party (18)

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