This weekend we were blasted by about 18 inches of snow. I wanted nothing more than to just bundle up with some blankets and watch movies…so that is exactly what I did.  Having moved to Minnesota nearly 5 years ago, I have still not fully accepted these dreadful winters.  It is during this time of year that I curse myself for choosing to live in this “frozen hell”.  I cannot help but notice the thermometer on my desk just broke even at Zero degrees Fahrenheit (it’s noon for crying out loud).  Even Zoe hates this awful weather, she hobbles on 3 legs at a time to give her one leg a break from the frozen ground.  I apologize for my bickering…there’s just something about these temps that makes me less than happy.  From now on…I will try to accept that I will rarely see temps above freezing for the next 4 months.   I guess I will just have to find the silver lining of Mother Nature’s cursed time of year.

Anyone have any suggestions for remaining positive?


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