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Drumroll Please…

After 17 hours of labor, our precious baby girl has finally arrived.  Emily is doing great and so is our baby girl.  Even though I’m big fainter, I had absolutely no problems helping with the delivery and cutting the umbilical cord, it was amazing!!  During the course of the entire pregnancy, we have found it difficult to come up with a name.   We have batted around names for awhile now and have spent the past 23 hours trying to figure out what to call her.  So after much debate and contemplation we have finally given our daughter a name.  Emily and I are so proud to present to my blogging world:


Here are some images from her first 24 hours of life!!!!  Hope nobody minds, but this will probably not be the last time I blog photos of Eliza. I anticipate there will be about a bajillion more photos of her during her first year.Eliza-19


She was born with tons and tons of thick black hair!!!!

Eliza-7Eliza-6First photo as a familyEliza-5Eliza-4Eliza-3Eliza-2Em did amazing! Here she is with 2 minute old Eliza!!Eliza

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