A weekend in Chicago

Although my blog is primarily used to feature recent shoots, I really enjoy recording select pieces from my personal life here too.  It may be boring to most, but I will appreciate it down the line.  Although this post should have been made in April, here goes: 

The weekend, prior to attending the Jerry Ghionis Workshop, Em and I decided to make spend the weekend together in Chicago.  In my prior consulting life, I spent myself many a weeks in this city.  Since Em had never been to Chicago and I have never enjoyed Chicago because I was always working there, we decided to be tourists and see the city.

I truly love vacations with my hott wife.  We love nothing more than exploring cities together.  We are selective with our tourist traps and love to see what the city has to offer and capture it in photographs.  Our weekend in Chicago was memorable.  We took an early Saturday morning flight so that we would have the entire day to play.  We went and saw Navy Pier, took the Architecture Boat Tour (highly recommended), saw Millennium Park, and walked through the Art Institute of Chicago.  When we weren’t seeing the sites, we were consuming delicious food (Sushi, Indian, and Chicago deep dish were among our favorites).  Chicago was a blast…not sure I loved the cutting wind, but thanks for the memories. 


Em is getting the hang of using my camera…quite happy with this photo of me

Chicago-1-Edit Navy Pier Navy Pier Navy Pier

fI love getting expression from Em.  I’m kind of am a hug dork.  I often exhibit the maturity level of a 4 year old when I’m around her. She usually just gives me a look and laughs.  This may have been one of them.  Notice how natural and cute she looks.Navy Pier On the other hand, I just look like a dork when I try the same thing.  I think I’ll stick to where I belong (behind the camera)Navy Pier Navy Pier Yes, we have stretchy foreheads 😉Navy Pier Chicago-105 Navy Pier Navy Pier Couldn’t leave this trip without getting a picture of the famous corncob buildings, they are in just about every movie shot in Chicago (i.e. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Tommy Boy)Corncob Towers Chicago-217 Chicago-238 Em has a talent for looking better than me in every picture, but I like it this way.Chicago-246 Chicago-250 Chicago-263 This guy was a blinker, but I finally got him.Millennium Park Millennium Park Gosh Em, you’re sure pretty!Millennium Park I could spend hours sitting at the Millennium Bean. If you love big shiny things that distort you in reflection…It’s pretty awesome.Millennium Park Millennium Park Millennium Park Millennium Park LOVE this shot of the sunset reflection in the beanMillennium Park Millennium Park Millennium Park Millennium Park Millennium Park   We stayed at the Palmer House, it was so much nicer to stay there for play rather than work.

Chicago Palmer House Em and I Love Art!!! When we found out that  Matisse exhibit was being featured at the Art Institute of Chicago, we knew we couldn’t miss it.  We couldn’t take photos inside, but here was the entrance to the exhibit.Art Institute of Chicago

The photo below is horrible, but post it to show how amazing it is to see…it’s huge (Georges Seurat – A Sunday on LaGrande Jatte)Art Institute of Chicago Van Gogh…amazing!Art Institute of Chicago With the exception of Guernica, this may be my favorite Picasso.Art Institute of Chicago Picasso Art Institute of Chicago Nice to finally see Grant Wood’s American Gothic.Art Institute of Chicago American Gohic

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