Minneapolis Wedding Photographer – Tobin & Heather Engaged!

Last month, I arranged a wedding consultation with Heather and Tobin.  I happen to walk past the window as they came to my door and couldn’t help but notice how Tobin & Heather were just naturally holding hands as they walked.  After just a few minutes of talking with them, it was obvious how crazy in love these two are. For their engagement session, we shot at Bethel College as Tobin is going to become a pastor.  The weather started out gorgeous and quickly turned to rain.  Lucky for me, these two were okay with getting wet.  We shot the last part of the session in the rain and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Tobin & Heather, I’m looking forward to shooting your wedding in Chicago this fall!  HeatherTobin1007 HeatherTobin1022 HeatherTobin1026 HeatherTobin1027 HeatherTobin1028-Edit HeatherTobin1036 HeatherTobin1041 HeatherTobin1044 HeatherTobin1047 HeatherTobin1052 HeatherTobin1055-Edit HeatherTobin1058 HeatherTobin1062 HeatherTobin1066 HeatherTobin1069 HeatherTobin1071 HeatherTobin1082 HeatherTobin1085 HeatherTobin1086 HeatherTobin1088 HeatherTobin1090 HeatherTobin1093

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Italy – Picture from Cinque Terre (AKA HEAVEN)