Boy or Girl???

A couple weeks ago, Emily and I went in for an ultrasound to determine the sex of our baby.  Unfortunately, he/she was too stubborn to give us an accurate reading for the baby’s gender. Well today, we went back in for another ultrasound and discovered we are having a little girl!!!!  Em was right and I was wrong 🙁 For weeks now, Emily has been referring to baby as a “her” and I have been referring to the baby as “him”.  I’ll take a “daddy’s little princess” any day though.  It’s almost surreal to think there is a 11"  inch baby inside of Emily….Wow!!!  Here are just a few photos from her first photo shoot…

BabyUltraSound1002-3rBabyUltraSound1002 BabyUltraSound1002-2  BabyUltraSound1007 BabyUltraSound1009

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Minneapolis Family Photographer – Frayman Family