Minneapolis Family Photographer – Frayman Family

I posted a few hours ago on Facebook that I was editing a family session and could not stop smiling. There was something about this session (the colors, the family, the weather, the location) that really just made for a great session. Lev was one of the first people I met when I moved to Minnesota several years ago.  We worked together at Deloitte. It was great to see him again and to finally meet his beautiful family! Many of you know that I lived in Russia for two years and am was fully fluent in Russian.  Well Lev and Olga are from Russia and the Ukraine and it was fantastic to just hear them speak some Russian once again (I miss hearing it).  Even better, I love hearing little kids speak Russian.

Lev and Olga have such a special bond with their kids…it’s pretty amazing! Last week, I announced some big news in personal life and all I can say is that after seeing Lev with his girls…I would be content with having a little girl instead of a boy.

Лев, Оля, Полина,Зоя… спасибо Большое!!!

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