Wowsers…6 years ago this very day!

It was a Friday morning just 6 years ago (seems seriously like yesterday) that Em and I tied the knot. I can vividly remember the day…it had poured the day prior and so we thought we would have rain on our wedding day, rather we had blue skies and lots of sun. Em and I had perma-smiles that day which created headaches by the time the reception was over. It was a whirlwind of memories.  Every year I’m just grateful to have found someone so amazing to share my life with.  Everyone told us that marriage gets hard after the 1 year mark because the honeymoon time is over…after a year it still wasn’t hard.  We also heard marriage gets tough after 5 years…well we have surpassed five and it’s still just as easy.  Now I’m saying it’s “easy”, but it sure hasn’t been hard. 

Em and I have always said that we never want to lose that “lovey dovey” newlywed aura.  I think it is important to sustain and grow those feelings.  We still kiss each other goodbye (even if one of us is still sleeping) and we kiss when we see each other in the evening.  We still hold hands in public and I still wrap my arms around her when we wait in lines.  It’s always a huge compliment for us when people tell us we’re so cute together.  In fact, we were setting up some self-portraits while in Italy and posing and we had someone come up and say, “You two are the sooooo cute”.  I’m glad we haven’t “lost it” during these past 6 years.

Em – Thanks for loving me like no one else can!  I’ve said it 1,000 times, but you are still the BEST decision I have ever made!



I decided to attach a few photos of us over the years.

Engagement Session 2004


Wedding Day 2004Wedding-40

Self Portrait 5 year Anniversary 2009,
(I forgot the cards for the camera, so by the time we got home it was dark, so I had to setup lighting outside our house to commemorate our 5 years…we got this.)EmJohnFun-30

Photo Session 2009 (Photo courtesy of Jessica Peterson) _mg_8817 Epic Italy Trip 2010ItalyVeniceDay2-236

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