Watch Her Grow – Part 2

This past week, I took Emily out for another maternity shoot.  I wanted to mix things up this time around by shooting the session on film.  I have been so giddy all week waiting to see these photos and I’m just in love with what we got.  For anyone wondering, these were shot on my Contax RTS II with a Zeiss 50mm lens using Fuji Professional 400h film.    We even had to get the tripod out and try out the timer on my camera.  I’ll say it again…I’m just loving these photos straight out of camera!!!

In case you would like to see the first installment of Em’s maternity photos, here is Watch Her Grow – Part 1


Emily – 27 Weeks

Maternity--1 Maternity--2 Maternity--3 Maternity--4 Maternity--5 Maternity--6 Maternity--7 Maternity--8 Maternity--9 Maternity--10 Maternity--11 Maternity--12

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