These are a few of my Favorite Things…

The other day my wife (Emily) came home from an interview.  It was late afternoon and beautiful light was sneaking through the window.  I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I constantly am looking at looking at light.  I love watching to see how the light falls across a person’s face on the street or how light comes in through a window and bounces off a piece of paper sitting on a table.  Light is just amazing.  Sounds weird, right? 

As usual, when Emily comes home, she hops on the couch and Zoe tags along and begs to be on her lap.  It’s almost a ritual for Zoe, she must be on someone’s lap at least 95% of the day or she goes nuts. She is a ball of love and her cute face is pretty much impossible to resist.  (Side note, I’m at my computer right now and Zoe is on my lap watching me blog.) I couldn’t help but snap this quick photo of my Hot Wife and my Dog!  The photo below certainly captures a few of my favorite things…Emily, Zoe, and Light!  Everything about these photo makes me happy.

I snapped these photos with my new D700 and am quite pleased with the results.

E-31 E-28E-26

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