Camping – St Croix MN State Park

Occasionally I like to just post random bits of my life here on the blog. I’ve always struggled with keeping a journal but, for some reason, I really enjoy blogging to record what’s going on in my life.  If you’re looking for some truly compelling images, look at some other blog posts, as this post is to record and remember a bit of fun that Em and I had a few weeks ago.

With Emily in residency and me shooting weddings, it was been extremely difficult for our schedules to sync up.  For the past several weeks, Emily was only off one day a week (Saturday).  Saturday happens to be a popular day for weddings, so I was working on her day off.  This has been the routine for most of the summer.  However, a few weeks ago, the stars aligned for us both!  Em was getting off early on a Friday and didn’t have to return to work till Monday and I didn’t have a wedding that weekend! 

We decided the time was long overdue for a camping trip to our favorite place…St Croix State Park.  This campground is gorgeous and has some of the nicest and cleanest bathrooms (Em’s favorite). Since it’s just an hour and a half drive from us, we think it’s the perfect location! We have been to this campground in past years with our good friend the Laws (Nate and Morgan) and the Roses (Thomas and Kristin).  Recently both Thomas and Nate graduated from Law School and have since moved away.  Spending time together at St Croix State Park with these friends have been so memorable, here are some St Croix State Park Pictures from last year.

It was bittersweet this year as we arrived at the campground, just the two of us and Zoe.  It was hotter and more humid and way more mosquito infested than years past, we almost questioned heading back home as it began to rain.  We stuck it out and enjoyed a memorable weekend.  Although, we did not go canoeing or swimming, we did just sit, relax, walk a bit, sleep, and read.  It was refreshing and still memorable.  Honestly, I didn’t have a major desire to take photos…hence there are only a few (and poor ones at that). 

Honestly, love and hate this first image

St-Croix-State-Park-Camping-1 St-Croix-State-Park-Camping-2 St-Croix-State-Park-Camping-3 For fun, we set up a timer on the camera on a tripod and would remotely fire the camera to shoot 10 shots as we ran….this is the result. I love how Zoe is trying to keep up with us here.St-Croix-State-Park-Camping-4 St-Croix-State-Park-Camping-5 St-Croix-State-Park-Camping-6 In efforts to have a little fun on the trip, we invited our friends the Roses and the Laws to join us at the campground.  Although they were plate heads, it was still a good time.St-Croix-State-Park-Camping-7 Here we are laughing with them…St-Croix-State-Park-Camping-8 Here is Zoe playing with Thomas…they had so much fun!St-Croix-State-Park-Camping-9

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