Seven Years and Sushi

It’s hard to believe seven years have passed since Em and I got married.  She’s the love of my life and I would be the person I am today without her.  I certainly wouldn’t have had the motivation to pursue my photography business without her support.  Since I photographed a session in Newport Beach last week and we have been moving this week, we have not had any time to really celebrate our anniversary. 
Tonight while Em and I were packing she suggested we go grab a quick bite to eat at Culver’s.  Oddly, she suggested I fix my hair (which I insisted was just fine, but I obliged anyway).  Thinking nothing of it, we headed to Culver’s but just before we got there she had me swing over to one of friend’s home.  When we got there, she left Eliza with our friend and we went and enjoyed a dinner at Sakura in St Paul.  It’s our favorite sushi restaurant!!!  Although a few days late, we enjoyed delicious sushi and celebrated our seven year anniversary.  Thanks babe for a wonderful surprise!!! Love you More!!!

Had to snap photos from the phone, but you get the idea…it was delicious!!!! 

sushi-sakura-st-paul (1)sushi-sakura-st-paul (2)sushi-sakura-st-paul (3)sushi-sakura-st-paul (3-1)sushi-sakura-st-paul (4)sushi-sakura-st-paul (5)

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