ELiza–4 Months

This post is long overdue! Eliza will be five months tomorrow, so I probably should post her four month photos.  I’ve received some very nice emails and have met people at weddings that have asked, “What happened to posting photos of Eliza?”.  I don’t want to overwhelm the blog with Eliza, but I’ll try to post 1-2 times a month 🙂 Eliza is so fun right now, she is so smiley and laughs all the time.  She is starting to develop such a cute little personality.  I loved the newborn stage, but this stage has been so fun because she is starting to interact with us.  We took these photos recently and they are some of my favorites of her.   Looking at these photos just makes me smile.

0016-Eliza-4-MonthsEliza’s favorite toy is Sophie the Giraffe, she loves it! 0026-Eliza-4-Months0030-Eliza-4-Months0033-Eliza-4-Months0038-Eliza-4-Months0050-Eliza-4-Months0056-Eliza-4-Months0060-Eliza-4-Months0077-Eliza-4-MonthsI refer to Eliza as “Poopers” and “Spitter” for obvious reasons, see below0080-Eliza-4-Months0085-Eliza-4-Months0095-Eliza-4-Months0100-Eliza-4-Months-Edit0135-Eliza-4-Months-Edit0152-Eliza-4-Months0154-Eliza-4-MonthsOne of my all-time favorite photos. I could probably never catch this photo again in my life0157-Eliza-4-MonthsSee our “Spitter” below0162-Eliza-4-Months

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