Imaging USA–San antonio

For the past few years, I have been attending WPPI as my annual photographer convention.  However, since the baby is due February 17th, I couldn’t make it this year .  So this past weekend, I was able to escape the Minnesota tundra and head down to San Antonio, Texas for the 2011 PPA Imaging USA Convention.  This is one of the biggest annual conventions for photographers.  I enjoy these opportunities as it gives me new perspective and ideas as well as network with other photographers including some of my friends from the Jerry Ghionis Workshop.  I also love the trade show because I love anything photography.  I joined up with one of my good friends Greg Keysar that I met from a workshop I attended last year.  It was great to catch up and have someone to hang out with for the convention.  I’m looking forward to providing clients with some new products in 2011!!! 

On a side note, I packed very light with my gear and just brought a camera and  50mm lens.  I love street shooting and had a great time just shooting around San Antonio.  It’s always refreshing to refocus and get new inspiration.  Also, I couldn’t have been happier walking around in 60-70 degree temps.  It wasn’t too refreshing when I arrived last night to near zero temps.  Anyway, here are some of my favorites from the trip:

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Greg bought this ridiculously amazing mask…I had to photograph it!imaging-usa-san-antonio (1)

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