Mounds View High School Senior Photographer – Jennie

Meet Mounds View High School Senior – Jennie…she’s one of John Sharpe Photography’s 2011 Senior Reps.  Jennie told me she was really into ballet and dance and would love to get some shots in her attire….Yes Please. Continuing my tradition of providing Seniors with unique and “uncheesy” photos, I asked if she would trust me to go the less traditional route with her Senior session and the photographing of her in ballet clothes…she said no problem.  That said, I asked Jennie if she was a morning person and she said sure.  Now by morning person, I wanted to start her shoot at 7am and that is just what we did.  It was early, but it was worth it!   I tell my clients that it might not be easy to be photographed by me (i.e. Jennie had to combat mosquitoes and stand on mossy logs), but it is always worth it.  So happy with this session and thanks to Jennie’s mom for holding my light stand for a few of these shots!

Jennie has a contagious personality, a great smile, and is just plain nice!  We’re so excited to have her as one of our reps this year!   If you’re looking for something a little different for your Senior photos, talk to Jennie for more info or contact me directly.

So….meet Jennie!                                         

Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-1  Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-2  Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-3 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-4 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-5  Yes, I had to add this photo below of Jennie swatting a mosquito. Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-6 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-7 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-8 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-9 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-10 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-11 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-12 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-13 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-14 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-15 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-16 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-17 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-18 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-19 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-20 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-21   Jennie even caught a frog during the session…thought it would be fun to document. Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-1-2Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-2-2Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-23 Mounds-View-High-School-Senior-24

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