Minneapolis Wedding Photographer – Roseville Engagement – Kelly & Jason

Kelly and Jason are perfect for each other.  Within minutes of starting their session, I could see instantly that they genuinely enjoy being with each other.  There were no awkward moments with them…they just know how to have fun together.  They told me right away that they have a “guilty pleasure” of watching every episode of America’s Next Top Model and that they know how to smize.  It’s rare to find couples that are so content just being with each other and have so much fun in the process.  Both Kelly and Jason have such a contagious laugh..loved it!  To say I’m super excited to work with this fun couple would be an understatement.  This session was great, there was such a variety of light from overcast to diffused to sunny golden light.  Looking forward to their wedding later this fall   Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-1 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-2 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-3 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-4 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-5 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-6 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-7 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-8 I must be pretty funny as I could make these two last on command.Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-9 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-10 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-11 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-12 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-13 This was the “ok guys…give me your best America’s Next Top Model” lookRoseville-Wedding-Photographer-14 And then the laughter beganRoseville-Wedding-Photographer-15 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-16 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-17 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-18 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-19 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-20 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-21 Yummy golden light…Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-22 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-23 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-24 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-25 Roseville-Wedding-Photographer-26

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