Minnesota State Fair

One of our favorite traditions, since moving to Minnesota a few years ago, is attending the state fair.  This state fair is like none other.  It is one of the biggest and busiest fairs in the nation.  It seems everyone goes and the main attraction is always the food.  Everything deep fried or on a stick can be found here.  It’s a grand time!  This year Em and I compacted our fair excursion into about two and a half hours.  We ate the entire time.  Our meal consisted of the following:

– Wild Rice Burger (this was to die for and I’m already craving it for next year)
– Fried Cheese curds (this is a staple fair food)
– Nitro Ice Cream
– Fried Green Tomatoes
– Martha’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (ate enough for a small army)
– All you can drink milk

Can’t wait to go again next year!

The sea of people is commonplace at the fair



Isn’t Em the stuff!


All you can drink milk for a $1 anyone?

StateFair-29-Edit StateFair-32

This is how I dominate a wild-rice burger


Can’t leave without the cookies


next one

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