Eliza–1 Month

I just cannot believe how quickly time flies.  Eliza just passed the one month mark.  It’s sad how quickly they grow.  We are already seeing her outgrown some of her newborn clothes Sad smile This past month as been one of the most rewarding of my life.  Of course, taking a care a newborn has not been too easy, but Eliza sure is a great little baby (we are very lucky),  Sadly, I feel that Eliza is growing so fast that my camera has not been able to keep up.  Hoping to do better.  For now, here are some images from the past week.  She has really started to develop an adorable personality.  Her facial expressions just melt my heart.

0098-Eliza 1 Month0097-Eliza 1 Month0092-Eliza 1 Month0068-Eliza 1 Month0033-Eliza 1 Month0064-Eliza0024-Eliza-22 Days0017-Eliza-22 Days-Edit

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