Maplewood Engagement Photographer–Renee & Brendt

Shooting Renee and Brendt was a whole lot of fun! I kept taking a double-take during the session because I photographed Renee’s twin sister Becky’s wedding last year. Even after spending a whole session with Renee…they still look sooooo much alike.  I was so proud of myself for going the whole session without calling Renee by her sister’s name.  I was perfect till the very end of the night as I was dropping them off at their car.  We shot this session in Maplewood. The light was soft and the air was a bit chilly, but it made for such beautiful photos.  So excited to shoot Renee and Brendt’s wedding in June!


Had to post this photo below.  We started the photos on a boardwalk but were being harassed by some of the most annoying teenagers I’ve ever encountered. As we were walking away for a new location, the taunting continued and Brendt turned around with this look. I think it’s best we left b/c both myself and Brendt were on the verge of pounding these kid.Maplewood-Engagement-Session--3Maplewood-Engagement-Session--4Maplewood-Engagement-Session--5Maplewood-Engagement-Session--6Maplewood-Engagement-Session--7Maplewood-Engagement-Session--8Maplewood-Engagement-Session--9Maplewood-Engagement-Session--10Maplewood-Engagement-Session--11Maplewood-Engagement-Session--12Maplewood-Engagement-Session--13Maplewood-Engagement-Session--14Maplewood-Engagement-Session--15Maplewood-Engagement-Session--16Maplewood-Engagement-Session--17Maplewood-Engagement-Session--18Maplewood-Engagement-Session--19Maplewood-Engagement-Session--20Maplewood-Engagement-Session--21Maplewood-Engagement-Session--22Maplewood-Engagement-Session--23Maplewood-Engagement-Session--24Maplewood-Engagement-Session--25

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