Roseville Family Photographer–Hanson Family

Roseville Family Photographer -John Sharpe photographs an adorable family including two very cute little girls during autumn time in Roseville, Minnesota.

This family has become a regular on my site and I love that.  As a photographer, it’s so much fun to see repeat clients and watch as their family grows and kids get bigger.  I photographed Anastin when she was only 6 months old…it is so fun to see her now…running everywhere and talking constantly.  This session was fun as usual. Thanks for having me along!

Roseville-Family-Photographer (1)Roseville-Family-Photographer (2)Roseville-Family-Photographer (3)Roseville-Family-Photographer (4)Roseville-Family-Photographer (5)Roseville-Family-Photographer (6)Roseville-Family-Photographer (7)Roseville-Family-Photographer (8)Roseville-Family-Photographer (9)Roseville-Family-Photographer (10)Roseville-Family-Photographer (11)Roseville-Family-Photographer (12)Roseville-Family-Photographer (13)Roseville-Family-Photographer (14)Roseville-Family-Photographer (15)Roseville-Family-Photographer (16)Roseville-Family-Photographer (17)Roseville-Family-Photographer (18)Roseville-Family-Photographer (19)Roseville-Family-Photographer (20)Roseville-Family-Photographer (21)Roseville-Family-Photographer (22)

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