A Love Day

If there’s one thing I could have changed during my almost six years of marriage…I would have rationed my really good “lovey and cute” ideas.  I made the mistake of always outdoing myself and surprising Emily with some really awesome Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, etc. surprises.  Unfortunately, I set the bar really high from the beginning.  I’m always trying to “one up” the surprises from our first few years of marriage, but it’s tough. 

Four years ago, I set a pretty high bar for a Valentine’s Day surprise. Emily was slammed during her first year of medical school.  In fact, she was going to be busy till 7 or 8pm on that Valentine’s day.  This helped set up the night perfectly.  Em and I worked in restaurant all of college and really despise going out on Valentine’s day.  I decided to make her dinner.  No big deal right?  I love to cook but I wanted to make this a special dinner.  So I went ahead and purchased some Filet Mignons, Shrimp, Asparagus w/ a Balsamic Glaze.  I didn’t stop there…I of course got her a dozen red roses (cliche right…but classy…Yes).  That night Em came home from school exhausted. I greeted her at the door and we enjoyed this amazing meal. 

That Valentine’s meal has become a tradition for us.  Every year, I make the same dinner for her.  Obviously, it’s not a surprise for her anymore but nevertheless, it’s such a fun time for us.  This year, I threw a little somethin’ somethin’ extra into the mix and made Creme Brulee (Em’s Favorite desert).  To say it turned out divine would be an understatement.  It was fantastic!  So grateful for my ‘HOTT Wife’.  Love you Babe!

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