I ♥ Film – North Shore Minnesota

Here is another installment of photos from our family vacation to the North Shore in August.  I decided to bring my good old film camera.  In the film days I started with a Nikon F3, but eventually my dad introduced me to Contax.  Sadly, Contax is no longer, but their cameras are still extremely sought after. I had the Contax RTS II camera with the 50mm f/1.4 and the 100 f/2 Zeiss lenses.  I used to love shooting these cameras and when we moved to Minnesota three years ago, I packed them up and brought them along.  Well, having not shot a roll of film in quite some time… I broke out my old Contax camera for the trip.  It was so refreshing to get back to film.  It took some adjusting as I have become so accustomed to “chimping” after each shot.  I found myself doing the same thing with film only to not see an image on the back of my camera. Wow, I had fun. I had to think about composition as I knew my shots were limited.  Unfortunately, I have to admit, I made a major fool of myself as I was going to take a roll of film to be developed…I forgot to rewind my film and opened the camera back!! Duh, I was actually bewildered when I opened the camera and it took a few seconds to realize what I had done.  So, pardon me for a few images with the light leaks.  I actually liked the effect on one of the photos of Emily. 

Film is amazing, these images below are sharp, contrasty, and color-rich.  I made absolutely no adjustments to these images and I love that.  This definitely will not be my last roll of film…because I ♥ Film!!!!!NorthShoreFilm-23 NorthShoreFilm-1 NorthShoreFilm-2 NorthShoreFilm-8 NorthShoreFilm-12 NorthShoreFilm-13 NorthShoreFilm-16 NorthShoreFilm-17 NorthShoreFilm-18This shot makes me look a lot older than real life, but I love it.  Thanks Em!!! NorthShoreFilm-19 One of my favorites of my beautiful wife!NorthShoreFilm-20 NorthShoreFilm-21

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Rylee – Minneapolis Children’s Photographer