Give a Warm Welcome to the new blog!!!

Introducing…my new blog!!!!  As many of you know, I have a background in computers and I love to learn.  Combine those two things and a lot of hours and here you have my new blog.  I decided to create a blog from the ground up. I wanted something that was custom created for my needs and also something that no one else would have.  I have spent many late hours programming everything from the flash to learning some advanced xml (computer jargon). I feel this new blog reflects the direction of my business and style.  Of course, I will be debugging some things and doing some tweaks over the next few weeks, but this new design is here to stay. 

So if you’re reading this post through an RSS feed, google reader, etc., follow the link the the actual blog and take a looksie. Any thoughts/suggestions/words of love would be greatly appreciated.  Also, you may have noticed my blog address has changed to:  However, you can access under either the new or old address.  Stay tuned for more updates and the next overhaul is my website 🙂

Well as usual, no post is complete without a photo.  Here is a preview teaser of a family I photographed a couple weeks ago.  Stay tuned for more of their cuteness…


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