Happy Days!

I’ve never been great about keeping a journal to record my life, but I always try to document my life in photos.  Last week, we decided to set up a little family shoot at our house. It’s been amazing to have this time with Emily and Eliza.  Every day I wake up and tell Em…”I cannot believe we are parents and that this (Eliza) is our beautiful daughter.”  I could just stare at her for hours.  I love everything about her, the way she smiles when she poops, her hiccups, her black hair, her tiny hands, and of course the way she smells.  She makes me so happy!  

We have really appreciated all of the kind words from past clients, friends, family via Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Phone, Email, Mail, and in person.  We are grateful for the MANY who have brought us meals and desserts.  Again, Thanks!! We are Blessed…0150-FirstFamilyShoot0148-FirstFamilyShoot0133-FirstFamilyShoot0127-FirstFamilyShoot0106-FirstFamilyShoot-Edit0120-FirstFamilyShoot-Edit0072-FirstFamilyShoot0068-FirstFamilyShoot0043-FirstFamilyShoot0049-FirstFamilyShoot-Edit0052-FirstFamilyShoot-Edit0012-FirstFamilyShoot-Edit

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