Eliza–Introducing Solids

Parenting has been so rewarding and of course entertaining.  This past weekend we introduced Eliza to solid food and it was memorable.  We tried the rice cereal and as you can see below, Eliza was less than cooperative. I LOVE the first image below!!!  Being the overambitious dad that I am, I wanted both photo and video of this “event”.  I focused more on the video than the photos, but we still got some great stuff.  Eliza loves her bottle but was not too sure about the rice cereal. She never cried, but she sure made some amazing faces!  These photos just make me smile and will be appreciate for years and years to come!  If you want to see the action, I suggest you watch the video clip I put together (scroll to the bottom of this post). 



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Minnesota Engagement Photographer–Jessica + Chris