A Farewell to 2010…

2010 may go down as one of the most “game-changing” years of my life.  That said, I feel the need to reflect on an exciting year! I think the theme of this year has been “change”.  2010 brought about so many changes that will likely direct the remainder of my life.  Given that I’m not the greatest writer, I choose to keep this post simple and bullet this year’s changes and achievements:

  • Ceased to be Tied Down any longer….I left an excellent, secure career with great benefits, a steady salary, and consistency to pursue the unknown.  In May I made the switch to a full-time photographer.  This change has not been easy, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.  During my 7 months as a full-time photographer…I have learned a lot about myself including the importance of doing what you LOVE!  tied-down-
  • Emily graduated from Medical School! It’s amazing to see Em follow her dreams as well.  She has wanted to be a Doctor since she was a little girl.  I’m so proud of her and her accomplishments.  She has been instrumental in persuading me to follow my dreams just as she has followed hers.medical-school-graduation-174
  • Continued my photography and business education.  As the owner of a creative business, it is vital to not become complacent in your ways.  I have always had a thirst for education.  I love to learn and take every opportunity to learn from anyone I can.  This year I traveled to Las Vegas for WPPI, to Appleton, Wisconsin for Dave Jackson’s workshop, and to Chicago for Jerry Ghionis’ workshop.  Each of these learning opportunities helped bring fresh new ideas to my business.  I’m already planning for next year’s education opportunities!!
  • I have a goal of shooting at least one out of state wedding per year…this year I photographed a Wedding in Chicago
  • At the start of 2010, I had some goals which included getting published.  I was happy to see a few of my weddings recognized on both national and international wedding blog sites!!!  I also am excited to see some of my photography is being published in various print magazines (more on that in the near future).
  • Zoe got demoted!!! As much as we think of our dog Zoe as one of the family…Em and I have wanted a baby for a long time!!!  I never thought it would take so long…but it has been worth the wait.  It’s been an amazing journey…watching Emily’s belly grow.  We look forward to having our little girl in February!!!  We kept wondering why it has taken so long to have a kiddo…but now in hindsight we realize God was just setting things up for us….we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!!!!



2010 was absolutely amazing but now 2011 has some big shoes to fill.  Excited for the future!!! 

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