Minneapolis Portrait Photographer – Dave Jackson Workshop

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend Dave Jackson’s “Breaking the Rules Workshop”.  This workshop flat out rocked.  If you are not familiar with Dave’s work, I suggest you go take a look. Dave is a genuine good guy who loves photography and loves helping others.  I was really impressed with his willingness to help.  I have always loved off camera lighting, this workshop helped me love it even more!  The workshop went all day long and was filled with awesome content.  Anyone looking to attend a genuinely great workshop, this is it!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day.

I wanted to thank the models… Jaci, Will, and Hannah.

DaveJackson-144-EditDaveJackson-297 DaveJackson-19 DaveJackson-34 DaveJackson-46 DaveJackson-63 DaveJackson-69 DaveJackson-108 DaveJackson-138  DaveJackson-167 DaveJackson-186 DaveJackson-189

Yes, overpowering the sun at 3pm is cool!DaveJackson-192 DaveJackson-202-Edit DaveJackson-225 DaveJackson-244 DaveJackson-248 DaveJackson-260 DaveJackson-269 DaveJackson-273 DaveJackson-282 DaveJackson-288 DaveJackson-289 DaveJackson-291

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