So Blessed!!!

You may have noticed that my blog has been close to dead for the past few weeks.  Obviously, my life has changed dramatically with the addition of Eliza in our family.  I’m adjusting to being Mr. Mom and trying to find a balance with my blogging.  Hoping I’ll get the hang of balancing my work and Mr Mom responsibilities.  It’s been a bit overwhelming, but I’m learning day by day.  I’ve been wanting to share photos of Eliza because she has been growing ever so quickly now.  It really feels like she grows an inch a day! She has begun to make noises…it’s so exciting to see her experience the world.  I LOVE IT! 

A couple weeks ago, my parents were in town to meet Eliza.  During this time, we blessed Eliza at our church.  It was so great to have family together for this important occasion.  Best of all, Grandma brought Eliza this beautiful blessing dress.   Eliza has an unlimited number of expressions.  She makes me laugh every time I click my camera!  She’s such a blessing! Doesn’t she look adorable?

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