An 80’s Costume Party

Last week, I celebrated my 30th birthday and I officially feel “old”.  My wonderful wife pulled together a great 80’s themed party with some of our closest friends.  We had a great time enjoying some 80’s music and candy as well.  There were plenty of Mambas, Airheads, Pop Rocks, and more.  I brought along the photobooth which occupied much of the evening.

80's Costume Party-180's Costume Party-280's Costume Party-380's Costume Party-480's Costume Party-580's Costume Party-680's Costume Party-780's Costume Party-880's Costume Party-980's Costume Party-1080's Costume Party-1180's Costume Party-1280's Costume Party-1380's Costume Party-1480's Costume Party-1580's Costume Party-1680's Costume Party-1780's Costume Party-1880's Costume Party-1980's Costume Party-2080's Costume Party-2180's Costume Party-2280's Costume Party-2380's Costume Party-2480's Costume Party-2580's Costume Party-2680's Costume Party-27

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Minneapolis Senior Photographer– Class of 2012–Ellie