Minneapolis Wedding Photographer – Earl Brown Heritage Center Wedding – Jenna & Justin

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A few weeks ago, I photographed Jenna and Justin’s wedding.  Now for those of you know me, I’m quite a sarcastic guy and love to joke around.  While shooting their engagement session, I quickly recognized that Jenna and especially Justin have a similar personalities.  This made for a very fun day! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting both families and loved capturing this special day! Jenna’s dress was absolutely stunning and she was the perfect bride! Jenna and Justin and family…thanks for making me feel so appreciated on your wedding day!  You both were amazing to work with and I am excited for you to start your Husband and Wife journey together!   Best to you Both!

Ceremony: Transfiguration Catholic Church
Reception: Earl Brown Heritage Center

Click the link for a slideshow story of Jenna & Justin’s Wedding


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Click the link for a slideshow story of Jenna & Justin’s Wedding


  1. GregK
    September 29, 2010

    Awesome set John! That opening image is spectacular!

  2. Justin Knack
    September 30, 2010

    That image was an awesome idea! The shots were done by john and the tossing of the vail was done by his great assistant Em!!! Thanks again guys for the great photos and we are glad you guys could enjoy as much as you could at dinner!!!


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