Minneapolis Wedding Photographer – Stonebrooke Golf Course Wedding – Jeremy & Melissa

Jeremy and Melissa were married on a bright sunny day. The weather was perfect for a wedding.  After shooting Melissa and Jeremy’s Engagement Session in St Paul, I realized Melissa and Jeremy love to smile and laugh (mostly Melissa).  The wedding day was no different, both experienced the wedding day perma-smile.  In the evening, during the reception, we stepped away for some photos on the Stonebrooke Golf Course, it was some of the most gorgeous light I have seen all year.  Honestly, it was the coveted photographer’s golden light on steroids.  The light was so warm and quite honestly it was delicious! Such a wonderful wedding and I’m just grateful to have been a part of it! Jeremy and Melissa…good to you both…I had a blast with you on your wedding day!

Click the link for a slideshow story of Jeremy & Melissa’s Wedding


Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-1 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-2 Sixpence in the shoe for good luck!Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-4 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-5 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-6 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-7 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-8 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-9 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-10 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-11 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-12 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-13 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-14 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-15 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-16 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-17 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-18 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-19 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-20 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-21 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-22 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-23 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-24 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-25 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-26 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-27 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-28 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-29 Love the “thumbs up” here along with Jeremy’s expression.Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-30 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-31 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-32 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-33 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-34 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-35 See what I mean…light so golden and warm you can taste it!Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-36  Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-38 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-39 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-40 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-41 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-42 Stonebrooke-Golf-Course-Wedding-43

Click the link for a slideshow story of Jeremy & Melissa’s Stonebrooke Golf Course Wedding

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