Thomas & Kristin – Minneapolis Family Photographer

I’m beyond excited to introduce you to this couple.  We met Thomas and Kristin right after they moved to Minneapolis a few years ago.  They go to our church and so when they moved in we invited them to our place for dinner.  Ever since then they have been our best friends here in Minnesota.  They are the kind of friends that you can call up at moment’s notice and just hang out without a purpose.  We pretty much entertain each other through goofing off and laughter.  I was so happy when Kristin asked me to do a session for them.  I love nothing more than capturing the emotion between a couple…it was extremely easy to capture these two!!!  They are adorable together (see the proof below).  Thomas and Kristin have been married for a few years and are still cute together (see proof below). 

Emily and I are so lucky to have them here and will really miss them when Thomas completes law school in June.  Thomas and Kristin…hope you guys LOVE these photos, because I sure do!!!!

    ThomasKristin-10 These were the first few images of the shoot…Thomas’ true character showed throughThomasKristin-4-EditI love this photo…we were just walking along and I asked Thomas to turn around and strike a pose  ThomasKristin-73 ThomasKristin-93 ThomasKristin-122 Thomas has the ability to make Kristin laugh on command (see proof below)ThomasKristin-123 ThomasKristin-130 ThomasKristin-147 ThomasKristin-152 ThomasKristin-160 ThomasKristin-172 Kristin looks absolutely stunning…Thomas you’re kind of cute too 😉ThomasKristin-192 ThomasKristin-211-Edit The light gorgeous (see proof below)ThomasKristin-301 ThomasKristin-323 ThomasKristin-353 ThomasKristin-371 ThomasKristin-377 ThomasKristin-390 ThomasKristin-401 Boom!!!…that is a cute couple!!!ThomasKristin-418 ThomasKristin-431 ThomasKristin-476 ThomasKristin-482 ThomasKristin-498

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