St Paul Family Photos – Lillemoe Family

I first photographed this family back in 2009.  At that time, my business was only about a year and a half old.  My business was in its infant stage and just getting rolling.  I photographed them again in 2011.  Now nearly four years after our initial session, my business has grown tremendously and so have these cute kids.  I adore this family and have loved photographing them! Also, here is their 2009 session and their 2011 session.

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www.johnsharpephotography.comwww.johnsharpephotography.comwww.johnsharpephotography.comwww.johnsharpephotography.comwww.johnsharpephotography.comArden is always full of energy…it’s just a mattering of harnessing it for photos.www.johnsharpephotography.comMom wanted photos of the missing two front teeth before it was too late.www.johnsharpephotography.comwww.johnsharpephotography.comwww.johnsharpephotography.comwww.johnsharpephotography.comwww.johnsharpephotography.comwww.johnsharpephotography.comYou can view all photos and order prints HERE

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