Eliza–3 months

I cannot believe my baby girl is already 3 months.  Time is going too fast!  I’m so lucky to have so much time with Eliza.  She has been growing so fast and I was so excited to finally photograph her outside!!  We have been so cooped up in the house and I’ve shot Eliza in just about every square inch of our house. The temps finally were warm enough as Spring has been running well behind schedule (even for Minnesota).  Last Saturday was so nice that we actually shot in morning and late afternoon.  Eliza has been learning to laugh and make lots of sounds.  She melts my heart every time she smiles at me.  I considered myself a “softy” before having Eliza but now I’m just pathetic.  She has quickly become daddy’s little girl!  It’s exciting that when she hears my voice, her eyes open wide and she looks around. 

Eliza has so many expressions, she keeps Em and I laughing all the time.  I’m convinced that if these images below do not make you smile, you obviously have no heart ;)  Below are some of my favorites…

St-Paul-Childrens-Photographer (1)St-Paul-Childrens-Photographer (2)St-Paul-Childrens-Photographer (3)0089-Eliza - 3 months-2This photo below might be my favorite of the day.St-Paul-Childrens-Photographer (4)There’s something about tiny clothes that is just so adorable…St-Paul-Childrens-Photographer (6)St-Paul-Childrens-Photographer (9)St-Paul-Childrens-Photographer (10)St-Paul-Childrens-Photographer (12)St-Paul-Childrens-Photographer (8)Em and I had to laugh at this image, Eliza looks like a Rhino waiting to charge

St-Paul-Childrens-Photographer (11)f


St-Paul-Childrens-Photographer (13)St-Paul-Childrens-Photographer (7)St-Paul-Childrens-Photographer (14)St-Paul-Childrens-Photographer (15)

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