Minneapolis Wedding Photographer–Lindsay + Paul

I met Lindsay and Paul for the first time at their engagement.  Within five minutes, it was apparent that Paul and I might have quite a bit in common (we both love cycling).  I also couldn’t help but notice the way he treats Lindsay is the same way I treat my wife…like a 4 year little boy.  Paul loves to tease and joke with Lindsay and I loved capturing this.  Paul genuinely cares for Lindsay, but at the same LOVES to make her laugh.  When I spoke with Lindsay a few weeks ago about the session, she said the most important thing about these photos is that they are FUN!

When I approach an engagement session, I pay careful attention to how to best photograph the couple and really bring out their personalities.  It’s important for me to show the relationship between the two in photos.  I feel like found what I wanted in these photos with Lindsay and Paul….Fun, Laughter, and LOVE!

These photos were taken in Rochester at Paul’s parent’s home…this place was like a photographer’s playground…I could have photographed there all day long and then some : )

I usually have a favorite photo at each of my sessions, I have MANY favorites for this session…


rochester-mn-engagement-photography (20)

rochester-mn-engagement-photography (22)

rochester-mn-engagement-photography (19)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (1)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (2)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (3)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (4)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (5)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (6)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (7)This little sequence below cracks me up.  I asked for a sassy look from Lindsay and asked Paul to “check her out”. The middle image is showing Paul “checking out” Lindsay.  The third image was Lindsay’s reaction from me asking Paul to “look up” for the photo.rochester-mn-engagement-photography (8)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (9)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (11)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (12)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (13)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (14)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (15)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (16)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (17)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (18)

rochester-mn-engagement-photography (31)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (23)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (24)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (25)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (26)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (27)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (28)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (29)rochester-mn-engagement-photography (30)

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