Emily + Justin…and Ike

Since moving to Rochester earlier this year, Em and I have met some great new friends.  Emily and Justin happen to be some of the great new people we have met here.  They have been nice enough to have us over a couple of times to their home. I randomly met Emily a couple years ago at the airport while traveling home from WPPI.  She had a familiar face and I was about 100% sure I already knew her from somewhere…but I was wrong. 

Emily is the talented photographer of Emily Griffith Photography.  We decided a few weeks ago to photograph each other. I jumped at the idea because I’m tired of not having awesome photos of the three of us. As usual, it is always a little intimidating when I photograph another photographer, but it was great! We didn’t have a whole lot of time to shoot because it was getting cold and the sun set sooooo quickly.  Despite the fading light…I think we did all right : )

Rochester-Family-Photography (1)Rochester-Family-Photography (2)Rochester-Family-Photography (3)Rochester-Family-Photography (4)Rochester-Family-Photography (5)Rochester-Family-Photography (6)Rochester-Family-Photography (7)Rochester-Family-Photography (8)Rochester-Family-Photography (9)Rochester-Family-Photography (10)Rochester-Family-Photography (11)Rochester-Family-Photography (12)Rochester-Family-Photography (13)Rochester-Family-Photography (14)Rochester-Family-Photography (15)Rochester-Family-Photography (16)

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