Newport Beach Vacation Photographer–Rose Family

A few weeks ago, I was hired to shoot a session in Newport Beach, CA.  I’m pretty sure I LOVE my job! I spent the week with the Rose family capturing their vacation.  This assignment was definitely one of my favorites.  I did shoot a formal session on the beach (seen below) and also covered other portions of their vacation such as Medieval Times, time at the beach, and at Disneyland.  The Rose family have adorable kids and each of them have some strong very cute personalities  They made me work harder than I expected but it was worth it!

I decided to bring along Eliza and Em and make a vacation out of it.  It felt so great to relax after Em’s intern year.  We had a great time and got some great photos.  For now, here are some of my favorites from the formal session:

 Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (2)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (3)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (8)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (5)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (12)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (4)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (6)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (7)Pat really wanted a photo of his grandkids to hang in the office.  I LOVE this photo below.  It has so much personality! We never got that “perfect” photo, but I think this photo is priceless.Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (9)I almost couldn’t believe that we actually got a photo with everyone looking.Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (10)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (11)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (13)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (14)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (15)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (16)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (17)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (18)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (19)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (20)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (21)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (1)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (22)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (23)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (24)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (25)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (26)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (27)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (28)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (29)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (30)Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (31)I just had to include this outtake. I cannot help but laugh at the photo below.  Luckily momma’s grasp was much better than dad’s and Will was just fine.  Honestly, my heart just about stopped as I took this image. 

Newport-Beach-Family-Vacation (32)

Thanks to the Rose family for this awesome opportunity.  You made me feel like part of your family!

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